Monday, April 13, 2009

Mayoral Election Landslide

Sea View Mayor Winston Mayfield was reelected last night in a landslide over his opponent, Assistant District Attorney Ned Danton.

The beloved “May May,” well known as a champion of green initiatives and an enemy of crime, has most recently been the subject of an infidelity scandal. Danton, who unsuccessfully prosecuted Destiny Blande in the criminal trial, initially ran on a platform of economic reform but recently changed his focus to family values.

Mayfield will extend his mayoral longevity beyond his town-record 12 years.

Sound off, New Jersey.


1. Posted by TheBoss128

I voted for him. I’ve got a lot of trust in him. Hey – I don’t need to be married to him – I just need him to take care of our town. He’s never let us down before. If he wants to get a little on the side, that’s fine with me. Plus he said he’s going to marry the girl.

2. Posted by LegalEagle

They say he tampered with the video surveillance cameras in front of their secret apartment by the ocean. The marina is right across the street. You know that’s why the videos of the Stahl murder were missing. Now evidence in the case of the century is missing and a killer is walking free all because another politician wants to cheat on his wife.

3. Posted by AngryBob

Shut up. Shut up. SHUT UP! Who gives a rats ass what he does in his spare time. Get off the guys back, for crissake.

4. Posted by AlexTheGreat

What’s the big deal? They voted for a dead guy a couple of years ago in Chicago, and that place has a lot more going on than Sea View. This is nothing. It will blow over soon.

5. Posted by WTF

Listen. Regina’s a hottie. Have you seen Samantha lately? What’s a guy to do? Big woopdeedoo. He’s still better than 99% of the politicians out there.


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