Saturday, September 20, 2008

Mayor Mayfield Seeks Reelection

An inside source has confirmed that Sea View, NJ, Mayor Winston Mayfield will be seeking reelection next year. We want to you’re your thoughts. Sound off, New Jersey.


1. Posted by FiestaGal

They say Mayfield is going to win in a landslide. We’re big time news in Sea View since the Satin Strangler was arrested. That’s cause of May May’s video cameras all over the place. I used to think the cameras were just a major BK for kids trying to party, but now I see how they can save lives. I don’t know much about politics or anything. I never voted before, but if I vote it will be for May May. No doubt about it. Plus he’s kinda sexy for a guy his age.

2. Posted by Anonymous

WINSTON MAYFIELD. Get 5 months of Sirius for just $20 until 12/20/08.

3. Posted by NickNac

Mayfield’s been the man for the last 12 years. The town’s broke, but in a state with a bunch of morons and crooks in office, who’s better than May May? C’mon. I just read that the Satin Strangler publicity’s already worth 10 million in tourism bucks in the town’s pockets, plus another 300 to 500 million expected over the next few years. Maybe somebody will throw some of that cash my way, right? I’m sticking with my boy on voting day.

4. Posted by TeenAngel

May May came to our school last year to talk to us about recycling. He signed my yearbook.


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